3D Processing and Inspection

As the semiconductor industry continues its pursuit of increased productivity and performance by shrinking device dimensions along Moore’s law, manufacturers are running into bottlenecks limited by fundamental materials properties and lithographic wavelength. The industry has opted for 3D integration schemes to circumvent these limitations (eg Vertical NAND, HAR DRAM, Logic FinFET). The high volume manufacturing ramp of these 3D schemes requires low cost high performance 3D wafer inspection systems.

By leveraging its core competencies in optics engineering, system integration and extensive knowledge of material physics, Ultratech has developed Superfast, a CGS (Coherent Gradient Sensing) based 3D wafer inspection system that enable the wafer fab to inspect the patterned wafer at key processing steps, enabling statistical process control as well as advanced process control for topography, displacement and stress.

CGS 3D Inspection Technology

Ultratech acquired the CGS (Coherent Gradient Sensing) technology originated at Caltech University, California. The first commercial 3D wafer inspection system, the Superfast 3G, was launched in 2013. It was soon adopted for VNAND high volume manufacturing to control wafer distortion and improve the Lithography, Deposition and Planarization process. The Superfast 4G, released in 2015 improved on the 3G performance and low cost of ownership and was adopted for FinFET topography and distortion control.

Superfast Applications

  • Lithography
  • CMP
  • Annealing
  • Deposition
  • Etch
  • Edge Processing
  • Substrate Processing
  • Advanced Packaging