Superfast 4G

Based on patented coherent gradient sensing (CGS) technology, Ultratech’s Superfast 4G inspection system for patterned wafers provides the industry’s high throughput (125 wph), with the low cost-of-ownership (50 cents per wafer) compared to competing systems. The direct, front-side 3D topography measurement capability is well suited for patterned wafer applications.

  • Feed-forward overlay distortion control
  • 3D topography measurement for focus and planarization control
  • High-stress process control (bow, warpage, breakage)

The Ultratech Superfast 4G inspection system provides leading technology to address the critical needs of its global customers in a cost-effective solution.

Key Features

  • Highest Resolution (3 Million Data Points per Wafer)
  • Lowest Edge Exclusion (1.5 mm)
  • Technology extendable to on process tool integration
  • Displacement repeatability 0.2 nm one sigma
  • Able to inspect transparent and opaque patterned surfaces without surface preparation

Superfast 4G+

A field upgrade of the Superfast 4G, the Superfast 4G+ provides the following improvements to the 4G:

  • Throughput                            150wph
  • Displacement repeatability    0.1nm 3 sigma
  • Edge exclusion                      1mm