Star 100

The Star 100 is an ideal introductory stepper where low capital and operating costs combine with high yield to support high volume MEMS manufacturing environments. Simplicity of design makes this system highly reliable and easy to operate and maintain. The Windows based PC controller provides a modern touch screen and keyboard or trackball interface with integrated wizards to guide the operator through standard procedures. The machine vision system (MVS) delivers alignment flexibility that's unattainable with standard alignment techniques, eliminating the need for dedicated alignment targets, resulting in easy process integration. Multiple focus and alignment algorithms combine with flexible wafer handling systems to allow for easy transition into larger wafer sizes. Overall, the Star 100 stepper provides the user with the resolution, depth of focus, alignment, substrate handling capability and ease of use to meet the complete range of lithography needs for the nanotechnology manufacturing industry.

Key Features

  • Non contact imaging along with large depth of focus delivers superior device yield
  • Smallest stepper footprint with high throughput enables low cost manufacturing
  • Flexible machine vision system alignment enables simplified process integration
  • Dual side alignment option enables support of backside and buried layer alignment for bonded wafers, TSV applications, and other dual side alignment processes
  • Automated wafer handling and alignment eliminates manual operation
  • Cost effective technology upgrade from older- generation contact, proximity and projection aligners