Advanced Packaging

Small mobile devices, such as smartphones, are becoming increasingly powerful and globally ubiquitous. Today's advanced devices are being limited not by the chip itself but instead due to the package. This development, in turn, has created the need for more sophisticated packaging techniques to address performance, thermal and form-factor challenges. Advanced Packaging processes such as flip chip, wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP), fan-out and 3D packaging techniques have been widely adopted to address these challenges.

Ultratech’s family of steppers has been designed to specifically meet the unique needs of Advanced Packaging applications. These applications require several lithography steps in the device fabrication process. Yield, imaging performance, resolution, exposure uniformity, equipment flexibility and cost performance are some of the key challenges that must be addressed. The AP product family is the preferred lithography tool for these packaging applications with a >90% install base market share.┬áThe technical advantages of the AP200 and AP300, along with their cost of ownership advantages and support infrastructure, make them the low-risk, intelligent lithography solution for the Advanced Packaging market.

Advanced Packaging Applications

  • Flip chip
  • Copper pillar
  • Fan-out wafer level packaging
  • Through-silicon via (TSV)
  • Silicon interposer