HBLED and Nanotechnology Introduction

HBLED manufacturing requires special substrate handling capabilities for the small diameter sapphire and silicon carbide substrates used to manufacture the HBLED devices for display backlighting and general lighting applications. The Sapphire 100 series 1X steppers includes the Sapphire 100E and Sapphire 100C systems, which are configurable with customized options designed specifically for high volume HBLED manufacturing applications. The Sapphire 100 series steppers offer depth of focus, productivity and yield improvement advantages over competitive product offerings. The Sapphire 100E stepper includes universal wafer size handling capability and lens configuration options down to 0.8 micron resolution, making this the ideal stepper for both PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) and chip layer HBLED applications. The Sapphire 100C is a low cost tool that provides superior cost of ownership for dedicated chip layer applications that do not require support for multiple wafer sizes.

A major hurdle for many nanotechnology and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device manufacturers is finding a lithography solution that meets both technical and production requirements. Since the requirements and types of devices vary greatly, lithography equipment manufacturers must be able to meet a wide range of technical, production and cost challenges.. The Ultratech Star 100 1X stepper can be configured with a variety of options including resolution, depth of focus, alignment and substrate handling capabilities to address these  lithography challenges for the nanotechnology industry.

Nanotechnology Applications

  • PSS lithography for HBLED
  • Chip layer lithography for HBLED
  • Lithography for power devices
  • MEMS lithography