Sapphire 100E

Ultratech’s Sapphire 100E product offers superior yield performance at the lowest cost of manufacturing for HBLED customers. The Sapphire 100E stepper includes universal wafer size handling capability and lens configuration options down to 0.8 micron resolution, making this the ideal stepper for both PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) and chip layer HBLED applications. Utilized by 7 out of 10 the world’s largest leading edge HBLED chipmakers, Ultratech’s Sapphire 100E system is the Process Tool of Record (PTOR) for high-volume manufacturing for both lateral and vertical HBLED processes.

Key Features

  • Non contact Imaging and large depth of focus delivers superior device yield
  • Smallest stepper footprint with high throughput enables low cost manufacturing
  • Flexible machine vision system alignment enables simplified Integration with existing processes
  • Production proven for both PSS and chip layer HBLED applications
  • Dual side alignment option enables increased alignment flexibility
  • Universal wafer handling delivers operational flexibility
  • Integrated enclosure minimizes contamination

Sapphire 100C

Ultratech’s Sapphire 100C is a low cost stepper that provides superior cost of ownership for chip layer applications that do not require support for multiple wafer sizes. Utilizing Ultratech’s 100C stepper technology optimized for dedicated HBLED chip layer applications, LED manufactures are able to shrink critical dimensions and improve brightness as compared to conventional full-field contact or projection aligner lithography processes.  Ultratech’s Sapphire 100C system is the superior cost of ownership solution for high-volume manufacturing for HBLED chip layer processes.

Key Features

  • Automated wafer handling and alignment eliminates manual operation
  • Optimized for lowest cost of ownership for HBLED chip layer applications