Quality and Environmental Commitment

Quality and Environmental Awareness are core values that come directly from our senior management. Ultratech strives to continually improve our manufacturing processes and service and support systems to minimize our environmental impact. In addition, designing for the environment using technology to reduce energy consumption and improve power efficiency is a key objective.

Ultratech has a Quality and Environmental Steering Committee comprised of executive members from Quality, Marketing, Service, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, and Corporate Services. The committee oversees the implementation of the roadmaps for maintaining compliance to Quality and Environmental standards and for achieving established objectives.

Message from our CEO

Our global presence includes our commitment to our employees, the environment, and support of human rights. Ultratech acts beyond the requirements of both domestic and International laws by providing superior working conditions for our employees, at greater than the average wage, with excellent health plans, and retirement planning. We have a zero tolerance policy for corruption or unethical practices.

Toward the environmental cause, we are certified under ISO14001 and we surpass these requirements in many ways. We publish our Green Metrics to show our progress to our conservation goals and our up-to-date RoHS Compliance Tables. Our business quality process is certified under ISO9001 certified since 1996.

We take great pride in our high rate of employee retention, with employees commonly staying with the company for ten years or more, and with a significant number having been with the company for a quarter of a century or more. In the human rights realm, we have a strong anti-discrimination policy, a competitive wage and excellent working conditions policy, and a “Conflict Minerals” assessment policy.

The executive staff is fully committed to the above.

Arthur Zafiropoulo
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President