Lighting The Way

As a company, Ultratech is in many ways synonymous with light. We are focused on serving three core markets, the first being advanced packaging where we remain the market leader due to our high productivity lithography steppers. Next we supply the logic market with our millisecond laser annealing systems. And, our most recent market segment, optical-based patterned wafer inspection served with our Superfast systems. We believe our expertise in light-based technologies, across these distinct markets, is positioning us for stable growth in a volatile industry. And in a literal sense our optical-technology-based tools are lighting the way, when it comes to the production of advanced semiconductor devices.

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May 26, 2017 | Press Release

Veeco Completes Acquisition of Ultratech, Inc.

“We are excited to complete this strategic transaction, which establishes Veeco as a leading equipment supplier to the growing Advanced Packaging industry,” said John R. Peeler, Veeco’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This compelling combination increases our scale while bringing together complementary technologies and a strong talent pool. We believe this is the ideal platform to accelerate growth, enhance profitability and deliver significant value for our customers and shareholders.”